Question #20: “Is It True That Everyone Outside Of North Korea Is Unknowingly Living Inside A Giant Concentration Camp?”

8 Jan

19 year old Bai Sung Ket of Pyongyang, North Korea, sent me this question. First of all, how did you get unrestricted internet access in order to send your question, Bai?  I’m just curious.  I’m just interested in how you were able to do this,  if there others out there like you, and if maybe it was that young lady school teacher in Ba-Nang Province School #28 that is giving you demon internet? I am in no way associated with the North Korean government, or Our Dear Leader. I’m just saying.

The answer is yes, however. The land outside of Our Great Kingdom is a giant, open air prison. Now tell me where you are, and we can discuss this more thoroughly.

This will help, Bai-Sung. It’s for your own good.

Are you beginning to question reality itself as presented by your hermetic, totalitarian government? No worries! Email me at, and together, we’ll unravel the truth! I’m a certified advice columnist and in no way biased about anything, except that fucking bitch Cindy, but she doesn’t count as anything, besides being a fucking bitch. I answer all questions ever.


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