Question #24: “My Husband Has Been Sexting With Another Woman. What Should I Do?”

22 Jan

Now this one came from some chick somewhere, I forgot the name, I think it was Helga, but it did send me a picture;  that’s it up there.

Oh God. What is it with you women? Look, Dorothy, I’ll just tell you exactly what I’d tell anyone: so he’s “sexting” with another woman. Big fucking deal. I hear that’s what you young folks call it when people send each other sexual text messages or something. “Sexting.” It doesn’t mean shit. Where I come from it’s not a marital slip until his dick is in her slit.

Watching porn obsessively? Getting other girl’s phone numbers? Strange unaccountable absences? Leave the poor man alone. Chatting with other women online? Grabbing lunch with other women? The occasional non-you related dinner date? Leave the poor man alone. Innocent little love letters to other women? His suddenly having to stay late at his job and catch up on some work coinciding with the arrival of a new, young attractive co-worker?  The undeniable scent of another woman’s vagina on his lips? Leave the man alone.  Look, Gertrude, you’re just being paranoid about this.

Let the fucking man have a little fun with his cell phone, for Christ’s sake. It’s just text message fun; that doesn’t count as cheating or anything. He’s already been kind enough to commit to you for the rest of his life, so cut him a little fucking slack. OK, this question is fucking boring me and you’re starting to piss me off,  Clementine or whatever your name was, so please just fuck off and stop fretting about what your husband is doing. Please don’t ever email me again. You’re imagining shit.

Have a bad feeling about your marriage? Are you not a male AND do you in no way look like that annoying, paranoid insufferable woman whose idiotic question I just answered? Would you say you maybe look more like Gina from Question #23? Then feel free to email me at And Gina, why haven’t you called me yet?

I answer all questions ever.


2 Responses to “Question #24: “My Husband Has Been Sexting With Another Woman. What Should I Do?””

  1. sylvia February 19, 2012 at 5:48 am #

    It is a big deal! I’ll tell you why…i met a man online who was funny, sweet, handsome, and unknown to me – married! we dated for several months. now, he contacted me; he pursued me very persistently. we sexted, texted, and talked on the phone. when we went out he was the only person in the room as far as i was concerned. i was crazy about him. he was educated, smart, successful, and we just clicked. well, fast forward a few months later…his kid was using his phone and i just so happened to send a text while he was using it. the lying cheating jerk of a man told me he was divorced! i had no idea that he was married! well, his kid apparently went off on his cheating dad, and i ended up getting a phone call from the wife! i had no idea! do you have any idea how HURT i am? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW DISGUSTED I FEEL? I was devastated, and I feel even worse that this man put me in the position of hurting a whole family! how do you think I FEEL knowing that this man’s wife has read my very private text messages with her disgusting husband? do you have any idea how many people this man hurt? do you have a clue at all?

  2. Lolita March 21, 2011 at 5:03 am #

    I think you are heartless and mean and don’t agree with your comments! Go to H…!

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