Daddy Love Week Announcement: I Will Soon Be Co-Blogging With Corinne Maier

30 Jan

Corinne and I.

Being that it’s Love Week here, and that things are kind of slow on the advice column side of things right now (as all my fellow advice columnists out there will attest, weekends are slow for us, as on the weekends people are usually out doing the things that actually propel them towards advice columns) I’ve decided to announce that I have succeeded in drawing Corinne Maier back into the blogosphere.

She will now be occasionally contributing to this blog, lending her formidable expertise in being fucking awesome. If you’ll look to my blogroll over there, you’ll see the lovely Ms. Maier’s site, which, she tells me, she will be updating rather infrequently and minimally, because she, first of all, is busy working on her next book, and second of all, does not believe in constantly banging out vacuous updates about things such as what she ate for lunch and or what her kid said about the family dog this morning. She will mostly just be saying awesome things, sometimes in context with breaking news.

Welcome aboard, Ms. Maier.

-John Leonard Ferris

UPDATE: After discussing the specifics of this new arrangement with Corinne, much to my consternation and surprise, she proved somewhat stubborn. She has thus far agreed only to question and answer sessions, with myself asking her the questions. Being that I am quite experienced in dealing with questions (all of them ever, in fact) I must grudgingly admit that this is, indeed, a sensible arrangement. For now.


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